When it was time to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina, Billy Nungesser helped get 500 projects off the ground to help the recovery, from rebuilding marinas to investing in new fire stations and emergency equipment.

Billy Nungesser is always ready to lend a hand. One day after the storm passed, he saw a woman with three small children walking along the side of the highway and stopped to see if they needed help. He found out they were on a 24-mile walk just to get their laundry washed. When Billy offered them a ride and found a line wrapped around the block, he called the President of United Way and helped deliver new washers and dryers to his community so families could begin to get back to normal.

When the BP oil spill occurred five years later, Billy stood up to the Obama Administration, demanding more aid for recovery efforts when Washington was not getting the job done. Sure enough, they finally showed up the next day.


Tell Billy Nungesser to keep fighting for Louisiana families.

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